The HiveQ Experience

We provide a global network where excellent relationships are nurtured, ideas shared and opportunities created. It is a hive where leaders become remarkable.

Leveraged Peer-to-Peer Masterclasses

  • Curated framework for executive development
  • 12- 15 C–Level executives per group (HIVE)
  • Masterclass sessions are monthly and face-to-face
  • Advanced Masterclass sessions are offered three times per year and bring multiple HIVES together to enable powerful network introductions
  • Expert resources aligned to curriculum and emerging issues are offered monthly
  • Professional development points aligned (CPA, CAANZ, AICD, Law Society)
  • Careful to avoid conflict of interests
  • Underpinned by trust – Chatham House Rules.

Advanced Masterclasses

  • Masterclasses includes the following formats: fireside chat; interview; discourse; think tank; workshop and roundtable
  • Masterclasses are 4 hours and include breakfast, lunch or dinner and light refreshments
  • Advanced Masterclasses are held with noteworthy and inspiring speakers
  • Inter Hive networking enabled at Advanced Masterclass events.